Transition to Work participant looks forward to a brighter future.

Laying the foundations for Dylan’s future

They do say “there is such thing as a silver lining”. With grit and courage, Indigenous Transition to Work participant, Dylan, has seen his life turnaround and is laying the foundation for a positive future. Dylan, 19, grew up in Woollongong, New South Wales. Despite […]

Transition to Work team participates in Co-Chats with Workforce Plus to discuss young people.

Partnership enriches Transition to Work program

Innovative employment providers, WCIG and Workforce Plus, have collaborated to improve how they deliver Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work (TtW) services within their respective regional areas.  A federal government initiative, TtW assists young people kin creating a positive future by offering support to engage in […]

WCIG launches 'revamped' Reconciliation Action Plan, which reinforces the organisation's core values.

Reconciliation Action Plan: Reinforcing WCIG’s Values

Reconciliation is a vital process that recognises and addresses the historical and ongoing injustices Indigenous peoples face. In Australia, Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) have emerged as a strategic foundation to promote and reinforce a commitment to developing positive relationships and fostering understanding and respect between […]

WCIG works with Somalian community to deliver accredited courses, including Certificate III in Individual Support.

WCIG tackles industry shortage.

Victoria is facing a critical shortage of individual support workers. It is estimated that by 2025, 65,000 more aged and disability care workers will be required to meet the demands within the community services sector. Through ongoing consultation with relevant stakeholders, WCIG Training is aware […]

Workforce Australia Services partners with Helping Hands to deliver Work for the Dole.

Changing Lives with Helping Hands

Many community organisations are committed to helping people make a difference, by empowering them to overcome their barriers and build the skills they need to reach their full potential. They believe that everyone has a unique story that deserves to be heard. Helping Hands Mission […]

Learn Local Award Finalists 2022 with WCIG Training.

WCIG strong contenders at Learn Local Awards

The much anticipated Learn Local Awards 2022 event was held in late February 2023. For the first time, WCIG was announced as a finalist. Not only once, but three times.   Learn Local allows people to gain the skills needed for formalised study, work and […]