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Better Futures / Home Stretch

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The Better Futures and Home Stretch programs can assist you to reach your goals and provide you with the support you need if you are or have been in out-of-home care and are transitioning to adulthood.

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WCIG is committed to assisting you while you make the transition from care to adulthood. Our programs encourage you to have an active voice in your transition planning and provides you with individualised support both in-care and post-care across a range of life areas.

Better Futures

In the Better Futures program, we can assist you with planning for and meeting your goals for living arrangements, education, employment, health and well-being. We also help you strengthen your connections within your community. 

We act as a single point of Common Intake, working with partnered organisations to deliver the Better Futures Program can to Melbourne’s Western, Brimbank and Melton areas.

WCIG partners with Djerriwarrh Community and Education Services to deliver Better Futures. 

Home Stretch

Home Stretch is an initiative that, if eligible, can support you as you enter adulthood and making the transition from out-of-home care to a place you can call home until your 21st birthday.

The Home Stretch funding can assist you or your Carer in covering costs including accommodation and other living expenses. 


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Better Futures/Home Stretch



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