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COVID Update – Some of our students are gradually returning to the classroom, this is what you need to know


We’re gradually welcoming some students back to the classroom, but only in cases where we cannot deliver training remotely. To do this, we’re making sure everyone is as safe as possible. If you are a student returning to the classroom with us, please read the following information carefully. If you aren’t sure about anything, please ask us before coming into class.
  • NOTE: If you have not had any contact with us about returning to classroom-based learning (via text, email or phone), your course will continue remotely until further notice.Here are some key points to read carefully about how we’ll be conducting face to face learning:
    • We will be taking down your details for contact tracing purposes when you visit – this is in line with health guidelines
    • You must wear a mask
    • You must sanitise and/or wash your hands regularly
    • Kitchens and communal (shared) areas will be CLOSED
    • Bring your own food and water with you. Sharing of food and water won’t be allowed
    • Make sure you have all your pens and other stationery with you, as sharing won’t be allowed
    • At all our sites, there is a doorbell to gain access
    • Our classrooms will be set up to maintain physical distancing, which means we won’t be moving around or sharing seats during class time
    • Make sure you take everything with you at the end of the day
    We make sure all frequently touched items and surfaces are cleaned after each class.Most importantly, stay home if you’re sick and let us know. Call 03 9689 3437.Important note: All students must be currently enrolled to enter. Relevant sites are open for scheduled classes only, no walk-ins for now. If you’d like to enrol in a class or ask some questions, contact us or call us.All information here is in line with current official health advice.
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