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Disability Employment Services

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Disability Employment Services is an initiative by the Australian Government to assist you with overcoming your barriers to employment, whether because of illness, injury or disability, to prepare for, find and keep a meaningful job.

Everyone has the right to experience the benefits of working within a supportive environment. Finding a job can bring great purpose to one’s life; however, finding the right job can be challenging.

At WCIG, we tailor our assistance to your needs and create individual plans that incorporate achievable career milestones and goals; by doing so, we can help you find the right job.

Are you looking for work? WCIG can assist you in finding and keeping a meaningful job.

We provide our Disability Employment Services (DES) as part of the Working Communities Network (WCN) across Melbourne and Geelong.

Our dedicated employment consultants are local people with strong connections with employers looking to recruit people with the right skillset. They know what jobs are available and what would be the best fit for you. We have spent over 30 years placing people, like you, into employment within hospitality, manufacturing, childcare, healthcare, and many other industries.


Our personalised, tailored support can include assistance with:

  • Managing health issues and barriers to work
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview techniques and training
  • Use of onsite computers for job searching
  • Help with travel to or from a job interview or new workplace
  • Appropriate clothing for work and/or other work-related equipment
  • Workplace modifications
  • Regular on-the-job support for at least one year
  • Creating links to education and training
  • Access to career advice and counselling services

We can also support you to stay in work and perform at your optimal best through:

  • Workplace modifications so you can continue to work
  • Special equipment and technologies to help you do your job
  • Information, advice and training to help you succeed in the workplace

Whether you need regular or occasional support, we will continue to work closely with you and your employer to ensure the working arrangements continue to be ideal for everyone. 

We have helped thousands of people find meaningful employment. Our purpose is simple – to improve lives. 

What’s next?

Would you like to know more about how our Disability Employment Services have assisted many others to find meaningful long-term employment and how we can help you too?  Please complete the form below and one of our experienced employment consultants will get in contact with you shortly. 

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Disability Employment Services



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