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Enjoy your community or the broader community the way you want to. Learn new skills or develop an existing one, find your passion and be supported to pursue it.

You may like to learn to draw or play the piano, or perhaps you would like to join a coffee club; we listen to what you want to do and help you engage in recreational, social or community activities that align with your goals in your NDIS plan. If you’re unsure what you want to do, we have plenty of options you can choose from, which you can do from home, face to face or within the broader community.

How WCIG’s NDIS Team Supports You?

We can support you to:

  • Participate in local groups, clubs or recreational activities
  • Join the sporting team
  • Art or music groups or classes
  • Healthy eating cooking classes
  • Learning life skills around your own home, such as using your washing machine or dishwasher
  • Meal planning., creating shopping lists and support with shopping
  • Learn to catch public transport
  • Attend concerts or the theatre

Step By Step Guide  

WCIG understands and appreciates the opportunities that come from being and staying connected through social and recreational activities. We can support you to understand how your NDIS funding can make this happen.

Step 1 – Let’s understand your NDIS plan together 

 What funding do you have allocated in your plan? You may already have funding in the core supports in your plan. We can talk about your individual needs and goals to participate in social and recreation activities .

Step 2 – Let’s identify supports  

Do you know how you would like to use your NDIS funding? You tell us your aspirations and interests, and we’ll help you to identify the supports you need and guide you through your NDIS journey and achieve your goals. 

Social and recreation activities can include things like:

  • visiting your friends and family
  • active hobbies, such as bike riding, skiing or kayaking
  • playing sport, such as tennis, surfing or basketball
  • going out, for instance to the movies or a concert
  • going places for fun, such as shopping or visiting a museum
  • relaxing, like meditation or yoga
  • learning new skills, like dance, art classes or quilting

However its important to note that you will need to pay for the costs of the activity such as membership or entry fees however with WCIG supports you can have support staff be there to provide assistance needed to participate.

Step 3 – Reviewing your supports  

If things change, or your funding changes we are there to change with you! We are part of your team to help you meet your goals, so you just need to reach out to us to see how it can happen.


What’s Next?

Let’s get out and about, meet new people and try new things together. Let’s talk about what you might like to try and how we can you achieve your goals. Contact our Disability team about your plan using the form below and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

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