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Workforce Australia Services is the employment service funded by the Australia Government’s Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR). It replaces the job active program and includes a new online service as well as enhanced services by selected providers, including WCIG. It aims to help Australians find and keep employment, change jobs or create their own job.

If are looking for work, and are with Centrelink, you will either be placed into an online digital service or you will be referred to an employment service provider, such as WCIG.

The online portal will enable you to:

  • Conduct your own job searches and reporting requirements
  • Join online programs to upskill
  • Gain access to tools that will help you with your online learning and job searching
  • Assist you with applying for various documentation -e.g.,  police checks and work-related tickets – to assist you with your job searching.

If you require additional support beyond the digital portal, you can be referred to a service provider, such as WCIG.

A Points Based Activation System (PBAS) works in conjunction with the Mutual Obligations System, which was used under job active. Workforce Australia will include a new PBAS, giving participants more choice and flexibility in how they meet their mutual obligation requirements in return for income support. 

It is a flexible way for you to meet your obligations and acknowledges the tasks and activities you are participating in to improve yourself and that are assisting you with finding employment. These could include developing new skills, participating in job-focused activities (e.g., resume writing workshop) or applying for jobs.

Points can be accumulated by completing a series of tasks and activities that each have a certain amount of points assigned to them. Workforce Australia Services participants are required to achieve a certain number of points per month. Your points target is tailored to what is achievable for you; based on your personal circumstances.

WCIG offers a range of supports that will help you achieve your points, and your work and life goals.

There are various ways you can achieve your monthly PBA target. For example, if you had a target of 100 points, you could achieve this by studying one of WCIG Certificate III courses (e.g., Certificate III in Individual Support), which gives you 20 points per week of study, and by conducting four job searches with assistance with our Employment Consultants, at 5 points each.

If you live in one of Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs, you will likely be connected to WCIG. If we haven’t already, we look forward to meeting you. During our meeting, we will discuss your obligations and guide you through every step of the process. Our aim is find you long term meaningful employment that you will enjoy. We will spend time getting to know you and what your strengths and aspirations are so we can connect you to employers, training providers and other options that are right for you.

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