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From Refugee to Business Owner


Our training division is so excited to our SEE learner student, Basma achieve her career goals and start her own business.

Basma will be in the driver’s seat of her future after setting up her own business as a driving instructor. The story of Basma began 4 years ago when she and her family stepped off the plane from Iraq and arrived in Australia on humanitarian visas.

Basma was a teacher in Iraq and hoped to continue this career path in Australia, however she found it was difficult to do so without having fluency in English. Basma decided to enter the SEE program, which would assist her with improving her English and employability skills and subsequently gain access to the training she needed to set up her own business.

Basma always had a passion for teaching and considered that with her past experience in the field of education, she could be a driving instructor and start her own driving school. Basma and her SEE teacher, Ms Bushra Francis collaborated on her career goal, and this enabled Basma to focus on the skills she needed to pursue this dream, which included understanding time management, planning, organization, public speaking and use of technology. Basma’s SEE teacher provided positive guidance for Basma, helping her align training with the goals she set for herself, promoting a forward-looking perspective for Basma with confidence and self-efficacy.

Through Basma’s determination and her SEE teacher’s support, she was able to achieve her goals by obtaining a certificate in Logistics and Transport. Basma is now the proud owner of her own driving school and hopes to teach teenagers and adults how to become responsible drivers, and lead them into a new and exciting life full of knowledge and new experiences.

Basma said “The SEE program helped me learn more English and provided me with necessary English skills for future jobs especially with Ms Bushra Francis’ which helped me achieve a certificate in Logistics and Transport.”
We will miss working with Basma, but we are confident that she will be successful in the future and hope to hear more about her achievements.

If you or someone you know is looking for a driving instructor please consider Basma. Head to www.facebook.com/Basma-Driving-Instructor-112705177731308 for more information.

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