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NDIS Participants Cook with Confidence


WCIG’s NDIS cooking program offered much more than just a chance to learn how to cook. It provided an opportunity for the men of Foley House to boost their self-confidence and feel good about themselves. The 11-week program was designed to help them gain confidence and skills in the kitchen, so they can lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

The program was run by WCIG’s – NDIS Support Worker, Anger (pronounced Anya). She is passionate about teaching others how to cook who enjoyed seeing the men of Foley House succeed. The participants learnt a variety of skills, including food preparation, knife skills and cooking techniques. They also had the opportunity to try new foods and flavours, which was a highlight for many of them.

Anger said that she “saw a huge confidence increase in the guys during their cooking classes” and that “they were always eager and willing to participate,” with “so much excitement when they came to class.” One participant, Robert, said that he felt “a bit funny about doing the program at first” but can now he “enjoyed every session and “never wanted the program to

WCIG’s cooking program taught the participants valuable skills, boosted their confidence and gave them a sense of achievement. When WCIG’s cooking program started, the goal was to provide the chance for participants to learn how to cook for themselves. The results were much more than that. During the program, the budding cooks also gained a sense of self-confidence and pride in their abilities.

One participant, Eden, said he “didn’t know how to cook and never felt confident cooking on his own”. After participating in the program, however, he can now make a variety of dishes, including his favourite – quiche! He credits the

program with giving him the skills and confidence he needs to succeed in the kitchen. Eden also said “the program has helped me bond with his fellow residents”. Before participating in the program, he felt intimidated and didn’t talk to anyone at Foley House. He now enjoys spending time in the kitchen with his friends, having a laugh and learning new recipes together.

The cooking program at Foley House has clearly had a positive impact on the participants. For many, it was life changing. It gave them a chance to see themselves in a new light and believe in their abilities. WCIG’s cooking program with Foley House not only made a difference in the lives of the participants and positively impacted the whole community.

I didn’t know how to cook and never felt confident cooking on my own. After
participating in the program, I can now make a variety of dishes, including my
absolute favourite – quiche!
Eden, NDIS Participant

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