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New Horizons – Glen’s Western Springboard Success


Glen took a little while to build a rapport with his worker, Luna. It took a lot of consistency and effort to reach the stage where he and Luna could genuinely begin addressing some of the difficulties that Glen was facing.

Enrolling Glen into WCIG’s internal Blueprint life skills workshops proved to be a vital step in his journey, with him gradually showing signs of genuine integration with an activity and with peers. Communication, appropriate social interaction and personal skills like budgeting meant that Glen was able to interact with his world with increasing independence and positivity.

Having given his secondary education a fresh level of commitment, Glen wasn’t really sure what his plans were after school, so he and Luna went about putting together resumes and job applications to start practicing for the future. This also helped to address Glen’s other health and wellbeing issues, as his time was now occupied with positive, meaningful activities. As Glen continued to study his VCAL course, he successfully secured a casual job at an auto repair workshop in Footscray. Glen also began to rebuild his relationship with his family.

Thanks to Glen’s hard work and determination and with Luna’s support, in mid-2018 he successfully graduated Year 12. The next stage of Glen’s journey meant looking toward career options, and he expressed that working in a warehousing/logistical environment suited him. Shortly after, the Western Springboard program also supported Glen to successfully gain his forklift licence, medium-rigid licence and complete First Aid training. Glen exited the Springboard program in February 2019.

Luna has been so pleased to have seen such positive development for Glen; ‘it has been a wonderful journey to see how far this young person has come and what he has achieved in his life,’ she said, ‘Whenever I met him, I was always open to hear his struggles, his aspirations and dreams, that showed him that I believe in his dreams and all he needed was a little push and some skills in achieving those things.’

Congratulations to this exceptional young person. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours.

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