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17th March 21

A family who took a chance to create a sustainable life in Australia

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Pue Pewi Poe and Peh Gay came to Australia from Myanmar and struggled to find work because of language barriers and lack of the right experience. Jobs Victoria supported them into work at Don Smallgoods in Castlemaine. With ongoing employment, both have been able to buy houses and secure a future for their families.

Pue Pewi Poe was very keen to work and looked for more than two years, while taking care of a young family. It was a difficult time, but once he got in touch with Jobs Victoria Partner west@work and the Wyndham Community and Education Centre, he was able to study English and undertake training.

Jobs Victoria assisted him into an ongoing role at Don Smallgoods in Castlemaine. He loves his work, and the community that Don Smallgoods provides its workers – many of them Jobs Victoria participants.


He has now been able to buy a house for his family and their new baby.

Peh Gay was also looking for more than twelve months before connecting with Jobs Victoria. Through the support and encouragement of Jobs Victoria Partner west@work she successfully landed ongoing employment with Don Smallgoods. After six months in her new role Peh Gay is building a new home for her family.

For Peh Gay, English language barriers led to a lack of confidence and discouragement. Jobs Victoria and west@work helped her with English study, smallgoods training and interview preparation. Her message to others in her situation is to not be discouraged, seek help from Jobs Victoria, and find the stability to make a positive future.

Don Smallgoods is a leading regional employer in Victoria, and Castlemaine’s largest enterprise.

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