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27th July 19

Boosting Financial Literacy for locals @ Moonee Valley City Council

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Students have embraced key life skills in WCIG's recent Financial Literacy training program, hosted by Moonee Valley City Council.

Over 7 weeks, students engaged in activities and ‘at-home’ study covering topics including; recognising money and it’s value, approaching banking, spending and saving, bills and financial paperwork, online shopping, and creating a budget.

Tailored to each individual’s circumstances, the program recognised how people in different life stages, people with disability and people from diverse backgrounds approach their finances and financial decision-making. Simple exercises like calculating public transport fares and prices on café menus work toward real-life applications of basic numeracy, along with practical education around choosing a bank and how banking actually works. Approaching bills, regular shopping and online purchasing demonstrated how to avoid negative financial outcomes and uncontrolled debt.

Thanks to Moonee Valley City Council for hosting the program and to the students for being such keen and enthusiastic learners.

For more information about this program and other life skills workshops, contact our Training team here or call 03 9689 3437.

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