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1st May 21

Finding new employment pathways after retrenchment

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Gideon Kori arrived in Australia as a refugee from South Sudan in 2005. He is a father of nine and a community pastor for the Sudanese community.

Gideon worked as a labourer and then as a bus driver for six years. After he was made redundant in 2017 Gideon found it hard to secure ongoing work so linked with Jobs Victoria Partner west@work.  Our team were able to provide Gideon mentoring, coaching and upskilling to complete qualifications required to work in civil construction.

With these new skills and an excellent attitude, Gideon was put forward for the role of labourer with the West Gate Tunnel Project (WGTP), brokered by Jobs Victoria. west@work supported Gideon throughout the interview process and he was successful in securing the role. Six months on he’s thriving in his new job and has commenced a Certificate III in Civil Construction through the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Gideon’s advice to other jobseekers is not to give up and seek help.

“You have to have hope.”

The West Gate Tunnel Project is working to deliver a vital alternative to the West Gate Bridge. The West Gate Tunnel will provide a much needed second river crossing, quicker and safer journeys, and remove thousands of trucks from residential streets.


The project is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Transurban and will be built by construction contractors CPB Contractors and John Holland (CPBJH JV), employing 6,000 jobs across six sites in Victoria over five years.

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