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31st March 20

We're Still Here! Service Update - 31 March 2020

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Following our update from 16 March, here's a key summary of what our services now look like. If you need to contact your local or usual site, please call them instead of visiting.


Including NDIS

We are switching everything we can to digital! Check out our calendar for upcoming online yoga, social groups and employability skills training.

There are also a few changes to note in accessing certain supports – one important one is that everyone with an NDIS plan can now access Support Coordination through their core funding, even if they don’t have Support Coordination as part of their plan. This is designed to assist people who may be experiencing difficulties accessing supports they would have previously due to the COVID19 situation.  Contact us to find our more or to engage with our Disability services.

Our offerings remain the same and will be adjusted to allow for minimal in-person contact and servicing to continue via digital platforms.



Including Disability Employment Services and State Employment Programs.

We’re still here to support you to obtain and retain employment and explore new skills, including displaced workers during this difficult time. Services are delivered through mobile and web chat, text and talk platforms. Contact us to find out more or to sign up.

We are still working with our local employers throughout this time across all of our employment programs.



Our training services have continued. We are still delivering accredited, pre-accredited and SEE training and are open for enrolments, with some changes in how we deliver training.

Contact us to find out how our upcoming commencements will be adjusting.


Young people accessing our youth services have been set up with video, text and voice chat options to ensure they still receive the same service, just via electronic/online platforms.

Contact us to find out more.


Social Enterprise

LoveLuvo & Cleanable

LoveLuvo, our retail social enterprise will remain open, observing social distancing guides. LoveLuvo continues to be a vital local source of soaps, cleaning products and limited quantities of hand sanitiser. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@loveluvo) to keep up to date.

Cleanable, our cleaning, gardening and home maintenance social enterprise, continues to operate, now providing dozens of additional cleaning services to continue to help our customers minimise the risk of COVID19 in their workspaces.


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