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Rieta and Charity found a place in the community


Rieta and Charity both had energy and experience and the will to work but found it hard to get the right opportunities. With training support and placement, they are both now enjoying their work at the Meerkat Bistro at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Rieta Lado arrived in Australia from South Sudan in 2005 and was looking for work for many years before she connected with Jobs Victoria through Jobs Victoria Partner west@work, who supported her into a position at the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Meerkat Bistro.

Rieta is the mother of seven children, and a volunteer with her local church. She has been motivated and tireless in her job search but without the right kind of experience or qualification work was hard to find. west@work helped her obtain her kitchen qualifications, and placed her in the Meerkat Bistro kitchen, where she enjoys the work and the community.

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