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Workforce Australia Services

WCIG has been selected as a Workforce Australia Service provider in the North East region of Melbourne.

Our service will focus on providing eligible job seekers access to various activities and services that will support them in finding, applying for, starting, and maintaining meaningful employment.

WCIG will also be delivering Workforce Australia’s Transition to Work program for young job seekers in the North-Western region of Melbourne and the Barwon region.

Please note: Your program eligibility will depend on your individual circumstances and location.

Please contact WCIG for further information.

Job Seekers

As a Workforce Australia employment service provider, WCIG will give you the knowledge and tools you need to get a job, learn new skills, or access extra support, if needed.

Our personalised, practical support can include:

  • Develop a job search plan with goal setting that reflects the local job market
  • Discovering your vocational skills, interests and strengths
  • Improve your job search techniques
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Interview coaching
  • Providing links to education and training for upskilling opportunities
  • Digital literacy
  • Work experience activities
  • Access to allied health professionals
  • Matching to employers for meaningful employment opportunities
  • Assistance with work related expenses including work and interview clothing, transport and
    workplace accreditations

We also provide post-placement support, to assist you on your journey to achieving long-term sustainable employment.


WCIG tailors its recruitment services to reflect your business needs and the labour market. We partner with businesses from all industries, including, but not limited to, administration, logistics, customer service, aged care, childcare, disability, and retail.

With over thirty years of experience matching work-ready job seekers to available positions within various workplaces, WCIG knows what it takes to attract and retain the right employees.

First and foremost, we take the time to understand your business’s recruitment needs and work with you to find the most ideal candidates.

WCIG partnerships with employers, providing: 

  • End-to-end recruitment and planning services
  • Access to a diverse pool of job seekers – from professionals to skilled and semi-skilled candidates
  • Wage subsidies
  • Post-placement support


WCIG’s free service gives you access to relationship managers who will:

  • Share their strong understanding of the local market and a pool of ideal employees
  • Use proactive mechanisms for identifying and establishing your business’s recruitment needs
  • Sourcing, screening, and presenting suitable candidates who have a genuine interest in working for your business
  • Prepare job seekers for your workplace, ensuring they have the right mix of skills and training
  • Offer post-placement support during the first 6 months after recruitment, ensuring your needs have been met and the new employee remains productive, is enjoying their new role and is consistently meeting their work requirements
  • Keep employers up to date with changes to federal government incentives and subsidies

Work for the Dole

These activities can include:

  • Gardening and maintenance work
  • Conservation or environmental projects
  • Retail work
  • Hospitality
  • Office administration
  • Warehouse duties

Taking part in the activities will assist you in:

  • Demonstrating your abilities to potential employers, including your approach to work
  • Obtaining references
  • Staying connected to the workforce
  • Supporting with your local community


Please note: Job seekers with a disability may be eligible for services provided through Disability Employment Services.

Our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Job Seekers

WCIG is committed to building a positive future for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. Our staff have strong linkages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups and work in partnership to offer skill development programs and real employment outcomes with employers who encompass diversity within their workplaces.

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