Kick Start Your Life - Building Resilient Young People

Gain the skills you need to excel in life and in the workplace

Learn how to be confident and capable in new situations while building positive personal and professional relationships

About this Workshop

Kick Start Your Life is designed to increase resilience in young people aged 15 – 24 facing challenges to staying in school or looking for employment. These skills go a long way to feeling confident, capable and ready to do well in a workplace and in other social/professional settings.

Topics include:


  • Mindfulness and self-regulation techniques
  • Managing anxiety
  • Problem solving skills
  • Building a resume, communication and preparing for interviews
  • Conflict resolution and building positive working relationships
  • Healthy routines personal organisation
Location & Duration


6.5 weeks, one session per week

Fees for this course

FREE for eligible young people.

Enrolment and Further Information

Please contact us to refer a young person or to ask about signing up yourself.

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