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Strength in Numbers – Grant’s Story


Grant came to us in late 2016 while struggling with some personal challenges and his mental health, unsure where to start in finding a job. Engaging with the team at our Bacchus Marsh/Melton Hub, Grant soon felt more hopeful and determined than he had in years. Grant was keen to tell his story with a hand-written letter to the team, to share with the community.

“Since I was introduced to WCIG, they have shown nothing but respect for my condition. The first few months, dealing with Marilyn, she was fantastic at settling me down and contacting me to see where my mind was at. Constantly reassuring me.”

Marilyn took the time to build a rapport and slowly built trust with Grant by discussing his interests – which very much included working with horses. After a short period, Grant obtained employment as a labourer at a local Stud Farm. Marilyn continued to work with Grant to build his confidence in interacting with people and increasing his self-esteem and self-belief.

“We eventually got [an employer] to take me on with his horses and got enrolled at a harness school. Marilyn was magnificent. She took me to get all the clothing I needed and also got me a bike for travel as I don’t have my licence. She drove me around to show me how to get to school and was amazing.”

When Grant was ready to enter the post-placement support phase, another team member, Kimberly, continued working with Grant.

“When I started work, Kimberly took over from Marilyn and hasn’t missed a beat with me. She also understands my condition and has been a wall of support … and encouragement. I recently hurt my ankle which had been previously reconstructed and WCIG upgraded my work boots to help me stabilise it with higher-grade boots.”

As important as the physical equipment and workwear, Kimberly kept the emotional support coming.

“She has also helped with getting my mind back on track after a stressful few days [recently].”

Grant finished his letter with a truly uplifting summary of his thoughts.

“Kimberly, Marilyn and everybody at WCIG have been fantastic for me and a pleasure to talk to. I don’t normally like speaking but they have been fantastic. I would not be where I am today without their continued support.”

Grant recently celebrated a full year in his role, achieving the moniker of ‘horse whisperer’, referring to his exceptional skill in keeping his horses calm when they’re feeling anxious or jumpy.

Well done to our Bacchus Marsh/Melton Hub team and to Grant for his resilience and determination to succeed in his new role!

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