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Ready for Hospitality

Ready for Hospitality

60 hours | One day a week | Blended Delivery | FREE*


The course is designed to introduce learners to the hospitality industry. These sessions address various aspects of the hospitality industry covering: food handling, hygiene, customer service, communication skills, and espresso coffee making skill development. The course is sequential, and it is anticipated that learners will attend each session over the designated period of time to develop their knowledge and skills and work towards the final pop-up café (live service) session.

The content has been designed to be as inclusive as possible, building on learners’ existing knowledge to learn and develop new skills.

The program will include some external and self-directed tasks.

Delivery Mode:

  • Blended Delivery
  • Face to Face delivery


  • Sunshine
  • St Albans
  • Any other location in Brimbank where there’s a request

Course Fees

  • *ACFE funded: FREE
  • Full fee: $60

*Eligibility: Individuals are eligible for ACFE funding if they are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, or holders of an Australian permanent visa; Asylum seekers holding valid visa that confers eligibility for Skills First training

Further Information

  • Hours: 60
  • Days: Once a week
  • Number of sessions: 10

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