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Reconnect Program 2023-2024

Reconnect Program 2023 - 2024

Skills First Reconnect aims to support people who may experience some form of disadvantage. The program offers one-on-one case management support to individuals wishing to re-engage with education.

How Reconnect can help you:

A Reconnect coach will work with your individual circumstances and support you to identify goals, provide career advice and guidance, and assist you with enrolment and funding for pre-accredited or accredited training.

What do we do to help?

  • Support you to develop a goal plan and identify your strengths.
  • Help to explore challenges associated with return to study or employment.
  • Help you build your confidence.
  • Identify your support needs including pathway planning, referrals to other support services.
  • Help you to connect to the community, expand your networks and develop life skills.
  • Assist you in gaining access to a range of programs so you can find what interests you, develop new skills and reconnect to employment and study.
  • Assistance to navigate course options, training providers, and all stages of course enrolment.
  • Assistance with paying training fees for approved courses


Funding provided may incorporate brokerage to improve access to education, training, and employment for the program participants. This could include costs associated with:

  • Course Materials
  • Course Equipment
  • Travel Costs
  • Professional Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Non-government funded healthcare
  • Non-government funded training


The Reconnect program supports eligible participants from the following four groups who are experiencing disadvantage and would like assistance to re-engage back into education and employment:

Young people: Australian citizen or resident aged between 17- 19 years: not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).

Mature participants: Australian citizen or resident aged between 20-64 years: Unemployed for six months or more (less than eight hours per week) and not engaged in education or training for six months or more (less than 8 hours per week).

Young people impacted by justice system – Young Australian citizen or residents (17 to 24 years of age) who have been, or are currently on, Youth Justice Orders.

Out-of-Home Care: Australian citizen or resident aged between 17-64 years old: A person that has a current or previous experience with Child Protection.

Asylum Seekers: A person, between 17 – 64 years of age:

  1. Individuals or dependants of individuals who meet the following criteria:
    1. hold any humanitarian, protection of refugee visa in Australia; or
    2. have applied for a humanitarian, protection or refugee visa and hold a bridging visa for this purpose; or
    3. have made an application under s. 417 or s.48b of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) which is yet to be determined and hold a bridging visa.

IMPORTANT: Individuals must have a visa with study rights. Work rights are required for programs that include work placement.

Click on either link to find more information about Reconnect Providers or Reconnect Participants.

Next Steps

Interested in participating in the Reconnect program 2023-2024 but want more information. Complete the form below or contact WCIG direct and our expert Skills First Reconnect team can answer any questions you may have about participating in the program.

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