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Transition to Work: Improving Young Lives


Not every day do you receive a beautiful testimonial that makes you love  your job, especially when you least expect it. That’s why we couldn’t help   but share an email our Youth Coach, Perla, recently received from one of    our Transition to Work participants, Saif. Saif joined Transition to Work on November 14th, a day which he says ‘changed (his) life’.

What makes this testimonial extra special is that Saif has very limited  English, having migrated as a refugee to Australia in May 2022, so we     know the enormous effort he put into writing it.

To the right is Saif’s testimonial, word for word. We are so proud of how committed he is towards caring for his family and seeking employment or further study.

Thank you, Saif. It means the world to us that we can assist in making life easier for you.

Saif gets driver’s licence with help from Transition to Work.


Saif’s Words: 

My name is Saif G, I came to Australia on the 4th of May 2022 as a refugee with my family, I found it very hard to adjust in the country and with the community, as I can’t speak English very well.

I was trying to do my best to help my family with the paper works, Doctors appointment, school appointment etc… and I was using the public transport to do all of that, I’ve struggled a lot with missing lot of appointments cause of the delays with the public transport. And this was one of my biggest barriers.

14th of November 2022, this is the date that changed my life.

I got a call from a Youth Coach (Perla) from WCIG, saying that I have an initial appointment with WCIG Organisation, I was unsure what is that mean, and what should I do.

When I came to my appointment at WCIG, I found that I was lucky to have a Coach who can speak my language (Arabic). 

Perla spent more than 2 hours with me, she was passion, supportive, and very friendly, she explained the Transition to work program and why I had the appointment, I spoke to Perla about my circumstances, as I was in need to drive ASAP, and Perla supported me straight a way with this.

Perla (My Coach) referred me to a program called The Driving program, and on the 30th of Nov, I had a call from the driving instructor, I had 10 free lessons covered by WCIG organisation, and I had the best service from the driving instructor, I passed my driving test, and I covered my lessons in 2 days only.

I can’t thank my Coach and WCIG organisation enough. I had the best service, as this changed my life a lot.

I can help my whole family way easier, and I am looking forward to continuing working WCIG organisation to get the support of moving into work or study.

(Thank you also to Saif’s driving instructor at Ornina Driving School.)


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