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WCIG Teams Up with Broncos


WCIG’s Transition to Work is thrilled to unveil a dynamic new partnership with Broadmeadows Basketball Association (BBA) otherwise known as the Broncos. It is a collaboration that promises to support local young people to reach their full potential.

Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG) empowers individuals facing barriers to employment. It provides a robust framework of meaningful employment, comprehensive training, and opportunities for enhanced independence. The partnership between WCIG and BBA is an innovative strategy where they will together champion local young people to achieve their aspirations. 

Announcing the new partnership, BBA General Manager, Stephen Woodland said: “This exciting new sponsorship is indicative of the direction BBA is taking to achieve our vision of having a positive impact in supporting young people and their families – by partnering with like-minded organisations within the local community to embed various programs and services which focus on addressing the unique challenges and barriers faced by some of our local young people. In partnership with WCIG, the BBA provides a chance for all to participate in an exciting, healthy, safe and inclusive sport.”

One of the key initiatives of this partnership is to raise awareness of WCIG among BBA participants and networks. This new partnership will pave the way for easier access to WCIG’s range of services, all dedicated to empowering individuals to meet their goals and reach their potential.

In a testament to its commitment, WCIG will assume a pivotal role in bolstering the reigning Big V Champions Hume City Broncos Youth League Men’s team. This collaboration will seamlessly integrate with WCIG’s esteemed Transition to Work program, renowned for providing 15–25-year-olds with invaluable guidance and assistance in pursuing their pathway to success. WCIG’s hands-on assistance will empower team members to navigate their journey towards fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Transition to Work participants receive intensive pre-employment support to develop practical skills to secure employment, connect with education or training opportunities, explore local job prospects, and access relevant community services.

“WCIG’s Transition to Work services aim to support young people in Broadmeadows to build skills and confidence of youth within the local area through a tailored mix of activities and services, ensuring they have the right tools and guidance to achieve their goals, whether gaining sustainable employment or furthering their education. We are confident that through our collaborative partnership with the Broncos, we can significantly impact the lives of young people, inspiring them to realise their potential and unlock a brighter future”, said WCIG’s CEO, Graham Dangerfield. 

WCIG and Broadmeadows Basketball Association come together to support young people in reaching their potential.
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