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WCIG’s 12th Annual Achievement Awards celebrates excellence


After a three-year hiatus, WCIG has once again hosted its successful Board Achievement Awards to celebrate the hard work of our participants and the exceptional service our staff offered throughout the year.  

The Achievement Awards for participants and the Recognition Awards for staff take many forms and are essentially used to complement key aspirations for individuals to take the next step in their journeys, for example, funding for further education and training, assistance with tools of the trade, access to technology and access to transport to work. Awards were presented to twenty-one participants and sixteen staff during the evening.  

Removing the divides between the best efforts of people striving for positive personal and professional outcomes is just one-way WCIG is changing perspectives on what it means to ‘improve lives’. 

This year, we had the privilege of having three guest speakers share their success stories. Adam, from IKON, captivated the audience with how one person’s dream of creating a nationally recognised company became a reality. Adam emphasised the importance of never giving up and always keeping the bigger picture in mind. Paul McIntosh, General Manager from Royal Freemasons, charmed everyone in the room with his story about moving to the big smoke and taking small incremental steps to achieve the bigger goals. 


And last but certainly not least, we had Katrina Lambert inspire us by sharing her story of finding her strengths amongst adversity and becoming a trainer and mentor to others who have faced their own barriers. 

Katrina concluded the speeches by imparting some wisdom for our participants – “If you ever find yourself in a rut or doubting yourself, look at how far you have come in the past 12 months and how resilient you are. You can do anything. Stick at it, and don’t doubt yourself. Remember, you can always ask for help.”

Held at the Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club in Williamstown, it was a night of wonderful celebrations, of people sharing their unique stories of trials and tribulations. 

We wholeheartedly congratulate all our Award recipients for 2022 and look forward to celebrating many more successes in 2023 and beyond. 


WCIG’s 12th Annual Board Achievement Awards

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