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Welcoming Our New Strategic Directions


A key part of our resilience and dedication on behalf of our communities is strong leadership and governance. At the forefront of this is our Vision, Mission and Values and is further complemented by our Strategic Directions.

After much consultation both internally and externally, we are proud to unveil our new Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Directions for 2019 – 2023.

Our Values

Relationships that embrace dignity, community and mutual respect
Optimism that is lived out in positive attitudes about people and expectations of success and growth
Innovation including creativity, responsiveness, risk taking and flexibility
Diversity that acknowledges differences and appreciates the diverse needs and skills of each person
Advocacy that makes us socially pro-active for the disadvantaged
Staff who are committed to the goals of the organisation and their own development

Strategic Directions

Innovation and Service Excellence
We consistently deliver high quality, effective services
– Customer focused organisation
– Embrace Innovation
– Create employment opportunities

Strategic Partnering
We maximise skills and resources when organisations or people work together
– Opening Pathways & Strong relationships
– Maximise Influence

We value our people and invest in a dedicated and highly trained workforce
– Engaged Staff
– Invest in Staff

Organisational Sustainability
We need a sustainable organisation to deliver on our mission
– Robust financial position
– Strong Governance
– Reduce environmental footprint

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